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Saturday, February 24, at Inside.


A unique multimedia performance created by local sax star Josh Smith, New York saxophonist Chris Jonas, and New York artists Colleen Sanders and Molly Sturges, "(Sub)merge" is an art installation as much as a musical performance. The exhibit/ show will allow the audience to manipulate the music by giving patrons private tasks that will determine the evolution of the music. (Sub)merge has a stated goal "to reconstitute the traditional audience-to-performer relationships" and "take the components of a unified musical experience and isolate its parts into totally separate physical spaces." To that effect, the show will feature a number of small boxes and enclosures from which different sounds will emanate. Members of the audience will be able to walk around these components and physically interact with them, thereby helping to create the music. The piece is nonspecific but has to do with humans having to deal with the outside world and with breaking down the barrier between the inside and outside worlds. Because of the nature of the performances, there will be four shows -- one every hour between 7 and 10 p.m. -- and there will be a 30-person-per-show limit, so reservations are recommended.

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