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With the Upper Crust. Sunday, October 8, at the Beachland Tavern.


Rock and roll is well suited to brotherly rock combos (you can quit a band, but not a family), producing some great bands and even better blow-ups, as Oasis proved. For Chris and Benji Lee of the hook-laden power-rock band Supagroup, their familial friendship fuels some of the catchiest sibling rock since the Allmans. These sleazy, leather-jacketed offspring of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC have honed their style of late-'70s keg-rock into a stage show one knee slide away from a hoisted lighter salute.

Their latest offering, Rules, begins with "Ready to Go," an ode to road sex ("All you want to do is get your rocks off") and quickly ups the ante on the nod to excess, "Let's Go (Get Wasted)." This isn't all low-budget arena-rock wankery, cadging a bit of sentimentality with the blues-rock burner "I'm Gonna Change," where singer-rhythm guitarist Chris ponders his chances at refinement between his brother Benji's sauntering solos. When the Supagroup siblings walk onstage, it may well be a family affair, but it's not quite family-friendly.

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