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Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

When: Fri., Sept. 2 2011

In Corey Ruffin's world, chastity is a punch line and vaginas are portals to another dimension. As founder, band leader, emcee, and writer for the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, performing tonight at the Beachland Ballroom, Ruffin's outlook may be slightly skewed. But there's no doubt that he and his 18-member touring company are onto something. For one, tonight's show — "That's Sexxx Warriors, with three x's" — is not just the usual lineup of fan dancers and comics. "It's evolved beyond the traditional variety-show format into a full-out musical," Ruffin says, describing the bawdy two-and-a-half-hour "caper" as one part Brazil, one part Buck Rogers, and one part blow against sexual conservatism. "We don't set out to be subversive. We know we are joking about touchy subjects, but most audiences find that refreshing. We're just trying to be honest and provide some release" — which comes complete with a smokin' six-piece band, a bevy of beautiful dancing girls, and lap dances delivered by a 350-pound male stripper. For Ruffin, it's not just a job, it's an alternative to mayhem. "Honestly, if I wasn't doing this, I would be homeless or in jail." You can weigh in on his career choice tonight at 9 p.m. Tickets for the 18-and-over show are $10; snag 'em online, by phone, or at the door. — Elaine T. Cicora 15711 Waterloo Rd., 216-383-1124,

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