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Super Sonic

DJ prefers techno's ass-ratting beats on old-school vinyl.


When Johnnie McGinnis takes on his DJ Sonic Era persona, he likens himself to an artist at an easel. Every Sunday at Club Shadows, he transforms two turntables into a canvas and a catalog of 400 vinyl LPs into a colorful palette. “I got into this as an art form,” says the 25-year-old McGinnis. “I can’t let vinyl die. There’s no artistry or talent in pushing a button to play a CD. Half the DJs out there have laptops, and they’re making tons more money pushing play. That’s not where I come from.”

McGinnis started spinning house, techno, and trance tunes 10 years ago, when he was a freshman at Lakewood High School. He would sneak into rave parties on weekends to pick up tricks. “Finally, the guys throwing the parties said I was ready,” he says. Since then, McGinnis has landed prime downtown gigs at Metropolis, Traffic, and Spy. At tonight’s show, he’ll unpack his collection of deep-house mixes. “A lot of DJs are trying to make a name for themselves by playing things you’ve never heard of,” he says. “That’s fine if the crowd has come specifically to hear you. But in a club, you have to have all sorts of genres and mixes with an energetic tempo to keep them dancing.”
Sundays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., 2007

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