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Superjoint Ritual

With Skinlab and Speedealer. Sunday, June 16, at the Odeon.


Hey, remember Pantera? Don't you wish they'd get back together? Well, in the meantime, vocalist Phil Anselmo's got a few side-project CDs he'd like to sell you. The second album from his Sabbath tribute-act Down was recently released to as much acclaim as a bunch of half-comatose stoners can muster, and now the tattooed, hyperactive frontman has released Use Once and Destroy, the debut disc (after several widely bootlegged demos) from Superjoint Ritual.

Surprisingly, given the band's name, Use Once and Destroy isn't stoner boogie. It's a mix of hardcore and old-school thrash not heard since the heyday of bands like D.R.I. (assuming D.R.I. could be said to have had a heyday) in the late '80s and very early '90s. It's also not all that inspired: The songs are underwritten and overlong, never quite massing enough energy to excite the listener. That being said, the actual lineup is interesting, featuring guitarist Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod and Hank Williams III on bass. It's entirely possible that in a live context, Hank III will bring a little country swing to the group's grinding riffs, meaning Superjoint Ritual may live up to its promise yet.

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