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Swearing at Motorists

With Paper Cranes and Juniper Bends. Monday, October 10, at the Grog Shop.


What keeps a band out on the road, year after year, playing for the same few dozen fans, as their career circles the drain? Swearing at Motorists singer-guitarist Dave Doughman, a former soundman for Guided by Voices, has been slogging it out for more than a decade, forging lo-fi pop with a lyrical bite. Those endless miles and nightly last calls are the subject of the Dayton duo's latest, Last Night Becomes This Morning. From "Losing the Battle, Losing the War" through the album-closing "Suicide on the Installment Plan," Doughman analyzes his life with unblinking honesty -- "Ten Dollars" recalls hooking up post-show and scoring drugs on shady street corners. Though lyrically bleak, Doughman never seems maudlin so much as dumbstruck -- "Why do you do what you do? You don't know, you just do," he sings on "Timing Is Everything." Last Night is a dark, road-worn masterpiece.

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