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Sweet and Sour

The Pop Shop acid tests Electric Lemonade.



Plug into the Pop Shop's The Electric Lemonade Show, which opens tonight, and be prepared for a tangy sample of Cleveland's creative juices. The exhibit's title is meant to intrigue, says owner Rich Cihlar. "It's just the kind of show name that makes people scratch their heads," he says. "You're going to go in and see artists you've never seen." The cross-medium exhibit features works — from soap-size resin pieces to gigantic Warhol-sized silk-screens — by more than 20 local artists.

Unlike those other, stuffy galleries, which throw hissy fits when you touch the art, Cihlar invites his patrons to probe and explore. For example, there's a mechanical painting on display that comes with a magnetic wand. "They're interactive," he says. "They [encourage] people to hang around." Also on display is functional pottery, 2D work, and abstract photography. And yes, lemonade will be served at tonight's opening from 6 to 9 p.m. "With cookies!" he says.
April 15-May 27

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