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Swingers' Clubs

Marathon golf game separates the men from the boys at Emerald Woods.


All that stands between you and an elite group of six duffers in the 45 Holes for $45 Hall of Fame are 12 hours, 14,352 yards, and about 250 swings. The premise is fairly simple: Golf two 18-hole and one 9-hole rounds in the same day. For your troubles, you score a commemorative T-shirt and your name, picture, and scorecard on the wall of the Emerald Woods Golf Course's clubhouse. "Many people have threatened to do it," laughs Dave Harley, the course's manager. "But only about a half-dozen have actually completed it."Each round presents its own challenges, like blind tee shots, sand traps, and super-long fairways. On the 18-hole Pine Valley & St. Andrews course, golfers will run into ponds on each hole, while its sister course, the Audrey & Heatherstone, is tightly guarded by bunkers. And the nine-hole A Walk in the Park is a physically challenging par-3 course. "When you're done, you'll be aware of some muscles you never knew you had," says Harley. "It's a whole lotta swinging." Tee up from dawn to dusk daily at the Emerald Woods Golf Course, 12501 North Boone Road in Columbia Station. Fee is $45 ($69 with a cart). Call 440-236-8940 or visit
Starts: July 9. Daily, 2008

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