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Jewish Museum cracks open fortune cookies for Xmas.


While most of Northeast Ohio is knee-deep in wrapping paper and tinsel on Christmas Day, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the Christian celebration. This afternoon, patrons can nosh on kosher egg rolls while watching short flicks at the second annual Chinese Food and a Movie Day. "We're playing on a common joke among Jews," says Mark Davidson, the museum's resident educator. The joke: Everything is closed on Christmas — except Chinese restaurants. Along with (curing? subduing? relieving?) the munchies, the museum will screen several movies, including Molly's Pilgrim, about a Russian immigrant's life in the U.S. The film won a 1983 Oscar for best live-action short film. Between screenings, patrons can also crack open fortune cookies with humorous Yiddish sayings tucked inside. "If you've drunk all your eggnog, why not head out and experience something a little different?" asks Davidson. "It's the one day we try to dedicate to everything fun." Movies run from 1 to 4 this afternoon at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, 2929 Richmond Road in Beachwood. Tickets are $5 to $7 (free for kids younger than 12). Call 216-593-0575 or visit
Tue., Dec. 25, 1-4 p.m., 2007

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