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Take Action Tour

Thursday, March 3, at the House of Blues.


After a hiatus in 2004, one of the year's most anticipated package tours is back and ready to mix in a little activism with its moshing. Presented by the non-profit label Sub City, the otherwise annual Take Action tour aims to educate audiences about suicide prevention and mental-health issues by arming them with valuable information about how to get help and introducing them to bands that support such causes.

Headlining the fifth version of the tour is Sugarcult. The California band's second album, Palm Trees and Power Lines, has slowly gained momentum over the last year, thanks to the '80s pop-punk aphorisms of the bitter breakup song "She's the Blade." Dayton natives Hawthorne Heights come with the deft screamo assault for which Thursday was once known, while Charlotte throat-bleeders Hopesfall, in contrast, tone down the vocal cord-destruction on their latest, last year's adventurous A Types. Also keep an eye on the fortunes of Anberlin. Its new album, Never Take Friendship Personal, is driving, mature, post-emo throttling -- everything the last Jimmy Eat World disc should have been but wasn't.

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