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Ted Nugent

With Huck Johns. Tuesday, July 18, at the House of Blues.


Even when the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, is as dried up as the beef jerky he peddles, fans will still have the utmost respect for the Nuge, thanks to one simple criterion: "Stranglehold." Rarely has a solo debut opened with such an unequivocal scorcher as Uncle Ted's did in 1975, with this wonderful, broiling eight-minute epic. It's so brilliant that U2 blatantly ripped it off for "Bullet the Blue Sky." You could even go so far as to say that Metallica, Black Flag, and Van Halen might never have existed without Sweaty Teddy. Loincloths and lascivious lyrics sound familiar, Mr. Lee Roth?

It can also be argued that the deer population in Michigan would have reached critical mass, were it not for the efforts -- and hunting-anchored reality series -- of Theodocious Atrocious, who most recently dispensed his infinite, earthy, at times libertarian, and at other times frighteningly conservative idioms on VH1's Supergroup.

Now that the nicknames for Nugent have run out, don't forget the Nuge riffs the shoot out of other tracks, including "Stormtroopin'," "Cat Scratch Fever," and "Homebound." Or just listen to "Stranglehold" strung out over an hour.

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