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An Indy Jones videogame tops this week's picks




Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings


We've dreamed of being Indiana Jones (and Luke Skywalker and Superman and about a dozen other heroes) for years. Now our dreams sorta come true in this videogame for the Wii that puts you in Indy's shoes. Wield your Wii Remote like a whip, thrust it forward to punch some bad guys in the face and use it to paddle your boat downstream. Way cool.


Ray Charles: Modern

Sounds in Country

& Western Music,

Volumes 1 & 2


Charles' genre-defying 1962 classic (an R&B spin on country music) is paired with its follow-up on this great reissue. Since many of the songs were recorded around the same time, the 24 tracks roll seamlessly into one another. "I Can't Stop Loving You" is the one you should know. The rest of this groundbreaking album is just as grand.




Before Denzel Washington became a subway action hero, he starred in this rousing portrait of the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War. The 1989 movie — one of the decade's best — also stars Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman. It's finally out on Blu-ray, which brings the bloody battlefield to vivid life.


John Lennon & the Plastic Ono

Band Live in Toronto '69

(Shout! Factory)

Lennon was still a Beatle when he played this concert with his new band, but it had been years since he was onstage. He runs through some oldies ("Blue Suede Shoes"), Beatles tunes ("Yer Blues") and solo hits ("Give Peace a Chance") like a guy who couldn't wait to get back in front of an audience. Also includes performances by Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.


R.E.M.: Reckoning: 25th

Anniversary Deluxe Edition


R.E.M. mark the silver anniversary of their second album with a two-disc set that tags on a live show from Chicago in 1984. All these years later, Reckoning

now sounds more focused than the band's breakthrough debut from the previous year, with beefier production and weightier songs. The scorching concert starts with a Velvet Underground cover.

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