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Templeton's Zeal

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Rolled in the blues and dipped in jazz, Templeton's Zeal plays virtuosic, feel-good alt rock. So forget the mopey indie-rock scene; this Akron trio is a college-circuit sensation waiting to happen.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, singer and guitarist Jimmy Huntington Jr. has hyperactive fingers and a voice to match. "Drift Away," a rock-the-room opener that's less Van Halen and more Sublime/311 party jam, sees Huntington fire off a hand-cramping salvo of finger taps.

Although he's a better shredder than writer, the dude pens infectious, unshakable hooks. And while his shiny-happy lyrics about butterflies, rainbows, and clouds aren't exactly deep, that's the point. These are songs about having a good time; their sole purpose is making listeners feel the groove -- and that they do.


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