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Ten Years After

Friday, March 10, at Wilbert's.


Among the pantheon of guitar gods that ruled the late '60s rock universe, Alvin Lee was one of the flashiest. Fronting British blues foursome Ten Years After, Lee displayed lightning-fast fingers. His signature fleet, fluid lines, which adorned many an extended solo stretch, suggested more than a momentary flirtation with jazz and distinguished him among the guitar elite of the day. His bandmates -- organist Chick Churchill, bassist Leo Lyons, and drummer Ric Lee -- proved the ideal supporting cast. Churchill's jazzy-bluesy choruses, in particular, suitably spelled Lee's high-wire guitar pyrotechnics. That lineup toured widely, recorded often, and performed one of the most raved-about sets at Woodstock.

With the halcyon days of the Alvin Lee-era long passed, his cohorts have fortunately found a talented replacement in Joe Gooch. While fast-fingered axemen are more common these days, Gooch's chops and energy stand out, as evidenced on last year's release, Ten Years After . . . Now. The lad is daring enough to take on Alvin Lee classics such as "I'd Love to Change the World" and über-boogie "Goin' Home," while the three vets behind him keep chugging, no worse for wear. -- Duane Verh Ten Tears After. Friday, March 10, at Wilbert's.

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