The 10 Best Drunken Eats in Cleveland 

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Photo Courtesy of Instagram User dai_mo_e
Imagine this, its 1:30a.m. and you have a raging hunger built up by countless pints of Great Lakes. Solution? Bar Cento for their sunny side pizza. End of story. Bar Cento is located at 1948 W 25th St. Call 216-274-1010 or visit for more information.
Photo Courtesy of FourSquare User Missy H.
Nothing soaks up alcohol better than a nice greasy burger. Even some of us might be juiced up enough to roil through McDonalds but, if you are anywhere near downtown Johnny's Little Bar is where its at. Their burger is hands down one of the best in our city, but at 1a.m. it is heaven. Johnny's Little Bar is located at 614 Frankfort Ave. Call 216-861-2166 or visit for more information.
Photo Courtesy of Instagram User elisalustig
Sometimes when one is nice and lit they prefer something sweet. Not to judge anyone Amy Joy Donuts in Lyndhurst is a 24-hour donut shop that satisfies many over the limit customers with its savory glazed cakes. Amy Joy Donuts is located at 5211 Mayfield Rd, Lyndhurst. Call 440-442-9733 or visit for more information.
Photo Courtesy of Yelp User Bob L.
A Tremont staple, The South Side has been serving late night Tremonsters till 2am for a decade. Plus the eye candy is not too shabby there late night as well. The South Side is located at 2207 W 11th St. Call 216-937-2288 or visit for more information.
Photo Courtesy of Yelp
Like zombies looking for fresh meat, clubbers pile out of the popular West 6th entertainment district establishments and swarm the legendary Panini's Bar & Grill. And honestly is there anything better than a capicolla Panini with an egg or cheesy bread with marinara at 2.a.m? Call 216-523-7070 or visit for more information.
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Open til 3am on Friday and Saturday nights, The Hot Dog Inn on Lorain Rd. in Cleveland is so diverse at 1 a.m. that you feel like you are at Ellis Island. That is of course if Ellis Island had a bar in it. Old Fashioned Hot Dog Inn is located at 4008 Lorain Ave. Call 216-631-4460 for more information.
Photo Courtesy of Greek Village Grille, Website
With the vast amount of bars in Lakewood there is a need for some serious late night eateries. Besides My Friends, the only other option is a gyro at The Greek Village Grille on Madison. Open till 3a.m. on the weekends and with over 20 different gyro inspired creations this place should be your drunken eatery for a while. Greek Village Grille is located at 14019 Madison Ave Lakewood. Call 216-228-4976 or visit for more information.
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If you are looking to ride your buzz out anywhere in the western suburbs of Cleveland, take safe transportation to Café Stratos. This 24-hour Greek restaurant has an all-you-can-eat salad bar plus a deep menu of diner sytle foods. Café Stratos is located at 23642 Lorain Rd North Olmsted. Call 440-734-9431 or visit for more information.
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There are nights that many of us have drank way to much at home. You open your fridge and beer cans fall out. You are rightfully weary about getting behind the wheel for a Taco Bell run, then you remember Nunzio's Pizza. And that they deliver pizza till 3am on the weekends to satisfy that drinking at home. Problem solved. Keep drinking. Nunzio's Pizzeria is located at 4478 Pearl Rd. Call 216- 661-1161 or visit for more information.
Photo Courtesy of UrbanSpoon
The Big Egg located on Detroit Ave. in Cleveland has been the late night stop-over for downtowners and near west siders for decades. Once the area bars empty, The Big Egg starts to populate with many patrons who hopefully are taking a cab home. The Big Egg is located at 5107 Detroit Ave. Call 216-281-1600 or visit for more information.