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The Aeronautical Legends

Rocketeer (Shooga Bear Records)


Aeronautical Legends main man Joshua Dennison has a voice so soft and fragile, it sounds as if it could be bruised by a stiff breeze. The only thing more tender is his heart, as evidenced by the yearning acoustic pop of his debut, Rocketeer.

In a pretty, plaintive coo, Dennison sings of boxers, alchemists, and butterflies, all looking for love and mostly finding it. Any pangs of heartache are ultimately resolved against a mild acoustic strum that occasionally works itself into a power-pop lather on tunes like "Pilot to Gunner" and the album's hidden bonus track. Comparisons to Coldplay and Fountains of Wayne are inevitable, but Rocketeer boasts neither the ostentation of the former nor the dry, sardonic wit of the latter. Instead, the album is so sunny, you could warm your hands on it.

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