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The Aislers Set

With the Quails. Thursday, April 3, at the Grog Shop.


Femme-friendly rock received a much-needed injection of lo-fi synchronicity, once members of underground faves Track Star, Scenic Vermont, Henry's Dress, and the Poundsign#s converged to form the Aislers Set. Haunted by Amy Linton's wispy, faraway vocals, the Bay Area band applies Wall of Sound-worthy production to indie rock's homemade charms.

The group's third album, How I Learned to Write Backwards, perfects this formula, sounding like Phil Spector waltzing with Belle & Sebastian at obscure, twee 7-inch karaoke night. Minimal guitar licks (both post-punk and mod) tickle Write's lively flourishes, among them Spanish riffs, trumpet, xylophones, and handclaps. An opening slot on several B&S dates last spring found the group filling out theaters with a satisfying rush of volume and chaos, but the nuance of their sound deserves the more intimate camaraderie of the Beachland.

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