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The Balomai Brothers

Millions of Women Can't Be Wrong! or You've Made Your Bed, Now Go %$#@ Yourself in It!! (Junk Rock Records)


Brook Park's Balomai Brothers play the kind of music that tempts the casual listener to dismiss it as the result of waaay too many drugs, but it's far too tight -- they're more likely just weirdo savants. Millions of Women Can't Be Wrong! is a hyperactive lounge act presented by Spike LeMay and Szars Painis, who croon in over-the-top caricatures of vaguely Middle Eastern accents.

Full-band electroclash, the album interpolates rockin' hits from the Beatles' "Birthday" to "You Are My Sunshine." The call-and-response chorus of "Hey Asshole, How Do I Sell Out?" gives way to rhythmic yelping to the tune of "La Vida Loca." There are hints of real pop genius and some serious chops, including a slamming Faith No More-style bass line in the stalker anthem "I Ache for You," an effervescent xylophone solo in "Bob Got Me." Put this one on the shelf between Zappa's The Man From Utopia and your Jerky Boys collection.

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