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The Black Diamonds

Black Diamond Singles (Bad Breaker Records)


Still in high school, the Black Diamonds play the kind of incredibly catchy stoner rock that their dads probably got wasted to in the '70s. Teenagers or not, the Perry quartet is ready for rock college, and its current two-song demo -- both raunchy tracks are available at -- should qualify as their first 32 credits. (The band is self-producing its full-length debut in guitarist Dylan Francis' basement, recording on half-inch tape, using tube equipment.)

Regardless of what happens between now and December, "Cold Cold Heart" will be one of Cleveland's top five rock songs of the year, launching with a monstrously hooky riff. "Don't teeell me no lies/'Cuz I see right through you, girl," wails singer Chad VanGils, as if he had borrowed Jack Black's notes on Robert Plant, found them wanting, and made his own modifications. Two songs aren't enough, and 10 more will probably only leave you drooling for more.

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