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The Bloody Hollies

With Thee Shams and New Planet Trampoline. Saturday, February 14, at the Beachland Ballroom.


If you're still sulking from the Buddy Holly Rock Hall tribute/wake a few weeks ago, check into the Beachland Ballroom for the Bloody Hollies. The Buffalo band is yet another in the long line of the Sympathy for the Record Industry garage-punk players. If there's a problem with that label's slew of tasty rock noise, it's that bands like this could get lost in the shuffle.

Their latest Sympathy release, Fire at Will, blasts out a mighty mix of Devil Dogs-styled gutterbilly, slapped upright by AC/DC lockstep rhythm & screech and an electrocution-in-process desperation that rivals Clevo's own Chargers. Also, they have a knack for pulling off surprising clipped rhythms ("Emergency Shutdown," "Swing"). The lads themselves look like an even nerdier version of the Knack. They're just past puberty, too, which adds a few bleeps to the rock-and-roll EKG machine.

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