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The Boredoms

Seadrum/House of Sun (Vice)


During five years of relative post-millennial silence, the Boredoms changed their name to Vooredoms, swapped their guitarist and bassist for two more drummers, and attached themselves to sunny psychedelia like a rabid Rottweiler. Celebrating their 18th year of experimental surrealism, lead Bore Yamataka Eye presents a pair of unedited, trance-inducing marathon jams that clock in at over 20 minutes apiece.

"Seadrum," the more complex and dynamic of the two, begins with a cappella moaning (presumably from longtime drummer Yoshimi Yokota, though the album comes with no recording info, credits, or liner notes). It soon launches full-bore into an extended, tempo-changing, monolithic drum circle replete with heavily processed tablas and cascading piano glissandos. "House of Sun" takes a far less exhilarating approach, testing the listener's patience with the endless droning buzz of sitars. Apparently, a raga can't be rushed. But this thing won't finish soon enough -- like some lazy holy man phoning it in.

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