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The Candysnatchers

With Brothers of Conquest, Amps II Eleven, and the Young Seducers. Wednesday, February 26, at the Beachland Ballroom.


What can be said about the Candysnatchers that hasn't already been barked by the roughneck goons and suspiciously scabbed hags that populate their audience? Yep, they're assholes. They consistently show up late, if at all. They treat their instruments worse than their ex-girlfriends, mangling them and any human face within 10 feet of the stage. They drink too much -- and thank God, since we don't wanna guess the additional carnage if they were to stick just to coke.

They've been around for more than 10 years, released three LPs and countless singles, and toured till they were beating each other up in their sleep. As a result, the Candysnatchers have become capable of delivering one of the most explosive live shows of any American rock and roll band of the last decade. If the chemicals are balanced just right and the audience feels full-chested enough to drag their butts up front and shake 'em, this bunch'll steal your heart and your Jujyfruits too.

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