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The Capitol Years

Dance Away the Terror (Park the Van)


Frontman Shai Halperin and his band swim experimental waters, mixing '60s and '70s rock and latter-day power pop with softly strummed guitar and harmonic indulgence. Somehow "Revolutions," a single-tempo-shifting song -- complete with interludes -- manages to refer to '80s synth-pop bands, trad rock, and Pink Floyd. Despite the array of influences, Capitol Years sounds like a cohesive, historically grounded rock band that can count Sloan, Dr. Dog, and Spinto Band among its peers. But while Halperin does some interesting things, like reprising the title track and turning a sour review into a pretty song, the album fails to make a lasting impression. Its lack of an overarching style or concept leaves it a bit adrift, with nice moments that suffer for the lack of continuity. It succeeds only in whetting the appetite for something better in the future.

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