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The Catheters

With Cherry Valence, Federation X, and the Chargers Street Gang. Sunday, August 18, at the Grog Shop.


The Catheters
  • The Catheters
They're young, they're cute, and they play potent punkish rock that wears its easy-to-spot influences directly on its prep-school shirtsleeve. The group's Handsome Boy Modeling School singer croons druggily through lo-fi distortion, making teenage girls and rock critics swoon. Nope, it's not the Strokes; it's the Catheters, Seattle's alt-boy-band du jour. Most of today's hipster groups tote enough baggage to stock a Samsonite convention, so it's refreshing to hear kids whose knowledge of punk seems to start at Green Day and end with the Murder City Devils. Recorded during a marathon 36-hour session, the group's second effort, Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days, has all the sloppy charm and amphetamine clamor of the band's 1999 debut, with only marginally improved production. Strident garage anthems such as "I Fall Easy" and "Nothing" are so relentlessly urgent, so proudly unoriginal, that only the most die-hard cynic could snub them.

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