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The Crystal Method

With Evil Nine. Thursday, May 5, at the House of Blues.



Ever since debuting in the mid-'90s, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland have been a raucous but reassuring constant in the trend-happy world of electronica. As the Crystal Method, the Los Angeles duo emphasized the "rock" in their block-rockin' beats early on, and they've never really let up on the stompbox. The glammy big beat of Vegas and Tweekend -- aided by the likes of Tom Morello and Scott Weiland -- helped make the group recognizable among the legions of faceless dance acts, and the Method men even scored a Grammy nomination for last year's album, Legion of Boom.

Jordan and Kirkland's latest is a second installment of their Community Service mixtape series, an offshoot of a weekly radio show they host in L.A. Spotlighted on the duo's current DJ tour, the disc features old breakbeat favorites alongside brand-new Method mixes of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" and Smashing Pumpkins' "1979." Most ambitious is "The Crystal Method vs. The Doors," which gives Mr. Mojo Risin's roadhouse yelp electroshock. If that sounds vaguely sacrilegious to you, well . . . the Doors of the 21st century got there first, right?

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