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The Cynics

With the Cheater Slicks and the Chargers Street Gang. Saturday, November 30, at the Beachland Ballroom.


The Cynics
  • The Cynics
Founded in Pittsburgh in 1984 by Get Hip label boss Gregg Kostelich and singer Michael Kastelic, the Cynics specialize in Nuggets/Pebbles-type garage rock -- proto-punk guitar stompers, folky tunes cut with psychedelic overtones, and most stops in between.

Despite having played together for nearly two decades (albeit with a constantly revolving rhythm section), the Cynics don't seem to like the recording studio much: The group's latest, Living Is the Best Revenge (recorded with like-minded Tim Kerr behind the controls) is its first studio album in seven years. The disc is solid, but the Cynics are still best experienced live, where their fuzzed-out guitar anthems really roar and their trippy ballads expand exponentially. Check them out and watch the trails, dude.

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