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The Dirtbombs

With Peelander-Z and Southern Trespass. Friday, November 26, at the Beachland Ballroom.


Fanatics of the Dirtbombs, or more specifically of singer-leader Mick Collins, always bellyache about how the neo-garage gravy train passed and Collins never got his ladleful. Sure, Collins started the Gories back in the late '80s, originating the '60s garage dumpster-diving that many have followed. Then there was his amazing Blacktop band, whose sole record (I Got a Baaad Feeling About This) is one of the best blasts of '90s trash rock. And his current outfit, the Dirtbombs, have supplied the '00s with the two best party-startin' R&B/rock-and-roll records (Ultraglide in Black and Dangerous Magical Noise).

So what's there to bellyache about? If the thrift-store army that follows Collins is concerned that he never got paid, well, what's new? Collins, a self-described Furry Fandom devotee (look it up, if you dare) and comic-book nerd, has been able to travel the globe, get his mug all over the U.K. press, and bring along for the ride nearly every Detroit scene-rocker who doesn't wear red and white, getting them either into the band or under his production thumb. When it comes to dedicating your life to making uncompromising, raw-rock masterpieces, success must be measured in more ways than SoundScans and Carson Daly appearances.

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