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The Draft

With Avail and Pink Razors. Monday, April 17, at the Grog Shop.


Sure it took a while, but Hot Water Music made Gainesville, Florida; if not for the flourishing punk and hardcore scene, it's just a beer-bonging college town with the state's largest medieval fair. In its roaring anthems and endless parade of basement shows, HWM proved that there was life after Fugazi. While HWM singer-guitarist Chuck Reagan takes a family leave, the Draft, a project enlisting the other three-quarters of the influential group, fills the silence. Certainly, the Draft works from the playbook of balls-out, melodic hardcore that HWM wrote nearly a decade ago, tossing ragged hooks and double-time beats behind throaty sing-alongs. And even if the Draft has more affection for melody than some of the relentlessly manly stuff that made Gainesville famous, tunes like "Lo Zee Rose" and "Wired" still pack a wallop.

Also taking the stage is Avail, another group of road-hardened DIY vets with a taste for yawping post-hardcore, so the evening will suffer no shortage of aggro anthems.

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