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The Dwarves

With Mondo Generator, the Turbo AC's, and the Vacancies. Tuesday, November 15, at the Grog Shop.


No doubt, gentle reader, reports of violence elicit from you an appropriate sense of sympathy for the victim. Except, of course, when said victim is Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia. Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has pleaded no contest to two charges of misdemeanor battery against Dahlia, the singer known for drunken 15-minute shows, sexist cover art, and starting rumors of his bandmates' untimely deaths. On his band's latest, The Dwarves Must Die, Dahlia trades whatever credibility he's got left for an orgy of ill-bred genres, from gangsta rap to spaghetti Western, all in the service of his usual lyrical theme: "Fuck you." The album's obvious classic is "Salt Lake City," in which the anti-hero himself snarks, "There isn't anything I will not do for you, except to walk among the Osmond crew." Like most successful comedians, Dahlia probably had it coming.

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