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The Facials

Ingredients for a Revolution
(SFL Records)


The Facials
  • The Facials
The Facials' idealism is so steadfast, it occasionally breeds lyrics that sound as if they were penned during an 8th-grade social studies class. Quick primer: Racism is bad, politicians are devils, and war is hell. Ingredients for a revolution? Only on the playground.

Despite the Facials' knack for stating the obvious, the Cleveland punk quartet is so damn earnest, you can forgive their naïveté. With blazing, melodic guitars, double-time drumming, and smooth yet forceful singing, the group sounds like a midwestern Pennywise. And the Facials share that band's knack for penning rousing sing-alongs. Tunes like "We're All the Same" and "Round 2" are stirring motivational rockers capable of quickening heart rates.

Still, no matter how galvanized this bunch is, they're quick to acknowledge the limits of their own ideology. "You can't get onstage and change people's minds," they sing at one point. So while they may not make the world a better place, at least the Facials can improve your record collection.

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