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The Facilitator: Daniel Dudley

Owner, Lakework+



Rife with entrepreneurial spirit, Daniel Dudley moved to Cleveland and set to work on interpreting the needs of the city's budding startup scene. He started a little outfit called Lakework+ early this year before putting the project on hiatus in July to travel and share his experiences at seminars.

The concept behind Lakework+ is one that he feels may revolutionize business: co-working. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousands of Clevelanders worked from home during 2012. But Dudley contends that "home" can sometimes be a bit distracting for work. With a spirit like his, Dudley epitomizes the grassroots business principles that may just lead to an economic turnaround in Cleveland and a healthy outcome for the burgeoning startup environment.

"It really resonated with a lot of people, especially as the tech community grows in Cleveland," Dudley says.

The Oberlin graduate didn't plan on setting up shop as an entrepreneurial thinker in Lakewood. But Lakework+ provided a culture for individuals to share a space and share ideas.

And his advice to those seeking to keep the ball rolling? "If you want to do something, you can't just do it yourself. It's so important to get out and talk to people and be open to anyone and everyone you talk to."

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