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The Figgs

With Jake Brennan and Mike Viola. Tuesday, May 4, at the Grog Shop.


The Figgs are one of those alternative rock leftovers you sorta kinda remember. Well, there are no "sortas" or "kindas" involved when it comes to the band's die-hard fan base, which thinks of the Figgs as nothing less than the best power-pop combo of the last decade-plus. They have released more than 10 slabs of good hooks and gruff-but-never-grim harmonies, and lately have performed as Graham Parker's backup band. If they've become an alt-rock afterthought, it's because their angstless meat 'n' potatoes pop never fit into that disaffected landscape.

But like many of the back-to-basics ilk, once they keep at it for 15-plus years, as the Figgs have, the sound can't help but get stale. Their new double CD, Palais (Sodapop/Stomper Records), is a snappy improvement over the bland bar-band rock of 2002's Slow Charm (Hearbox).

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