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The Harbor Inn

A bar we love


The Flats have undergone expansion, boom, bust and rebirth. One place that's been there for it all: The Harbor Inn, the oldest continuously operating bar in Cleveland.

Tucked into a less-trodden corner of the West Bank, the Harbor Inn has been serving Cleveland's thirsty since 1895. Current owner, and fabulous all-around man, Wally Pisorn bought the joint in 1969 by cobbling together loans from fellow Slovenians.

The hordes of dockworkers lining the well-worn bar in the early morning hours may have disappeared along with many of those jobs, but the Harbor Inn still caters to the workaday crowd. Beer is cheap and cold, shots are poured generously, and the patrons a healthy reflection of Cleveland – old, young, blue-collar and yuppies.

There's a bar bowling machine, as every good bar should have, and a pick-a-prize claw game (who else can say that?). There are darts – the bar was a main reason for the game's renaissance here back in the '70s, hosting some of the first organized dart clubs and competitions at the time – and some light diner fare for lunch. All part of the charm that makes the hodge-podge Harbor home to all.

1219 Main Ave., 216-2413232


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