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The Parlour Boys

With DJ Mike Filly. Friday, December 8, at the B-Side Liquor Lounge.



The Parlour Boys rock out with the hunger and originality that the Killers and Franz Ferdinand used to have. Of course, we said the same thing of fellow Kentucky dance-rockers VHS or Beta, but they still can't afford a private jet either.

Yet with only a self-titled EP and the ability to supply interviewers with such rock star quotes as "You can take classes till the day you die, but we're only gonna be sexy for about four more years," and "Universities will always be open. Bars close at 2:30," the Parlour Boys live up to their amusing name and live out their jet-set dreams. We should expect nothing less from the first unsigned band to launch a career on V CAST, a privilege they earned after blowing away 4,000 other contestants in MySpace and Verizon's Calling All Bands contest.

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