The Perfect Candidate

When Maryam, a hardworking young doctor in a small-town clinic, is prevented from flying to Dubai for a conference without a male guardian’s approval, she seeks help from a politically connected cousin but inadvertently registers as a candidate for the municipal council. Maryam sees the election as a way to fix the muddy road in front of her clinic, but her campaign slowly garners broader appeal.

- Synopsis provided by Internet Video Archive



  • Haifaa Al-Mansour


  • Nora AlAwadh
  • Dae AlHilali
  • Khalid Abdulraheem
  • Shafi Alharthy
  • Khadeeja Mua'th
  • Mila AlZahrani
  • Tareq AlKhaldi
  • Rakan Abdulhaman
  • Nojoud Ahmed
  • Naser AlAlgeel
  • Saeed Almana
  • Ahmad Alsulaimy
  • Abdullah Ateeg
  • Reem Fahad
  • Waleed Ghannam
  • Bandar Hadadi
  • Hamad AlMazaini
  • Bandar AlKhodair
  • Reema Mohammed
  • Muhamad Ebraheem Musa
  • Ismaee Nasser
  • Muhammad Shaman


  • Brad Niemann
  • Haifaa Al-Mansour


  • AbdulAziz Al Mutairi
  • Brad Niemann
  • Christian Granderath
  • Christiane Sommer
  • Fahad Alsuwayan
  • Faisal Baltyuor
  • Flora Rumpler
  • Gerhard Meixner
  • Haifaa Al-Mansour
  • Ole Nicolaisen
  • Rena Ronson
  • Roman Paul

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