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The Perfect Guy

Fo$$il Fuel Folk Hymnal (


Few five-song albums manage to be epic, and fewer still boast protest songs as invigorating as they are idealistic. The Perfect Guy's debut succeeds on both counts.

Fo$$il Fuel Folk Hymnal is both acerbic and absorbing, driven by the breathy, snotty snarl of frontman Dave Petrovich. His biting lyrics, skewering corporate hegemony and blind consumerism, are backed by shocks of full-on guitar glory. The songs twitch, two-step, and morph constantly: "Saturday Afternoon" goes from hazy slow burn to triumphant din; "Poor Young Hollywood" slowly builds from plaintive strumming to a breathtaking, distortion-filled crescendo; and "Ladylike" starts as a straight-up rocker, then throws in a topsy-turvy bass solo and a conga breakdown that keep things off-kilter. "I wanna tell you what's wrong with the world," Petrovich moans on the cut. Here's one thing that's right.

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