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The Pink Spiders

With My Epiphany and the Lovekill. Tuesday, February 22, at the Grog Shop.


Like Cheap Trick with less gloss and more edge, the Pink Spiders blast onstage full-throttle -- whether they're playing a backyard BBQ or a coffeehouse full of teenagers looking to alleviate the boredom of a Friday night in the sticks. In fact, the trio appeared at both places in Cleveland last summer -- and are often seen in area clubs, playing with local post-hardcore noiseniks the Lovekill -- cementing the city as its unofficial home away from its Nashville home base.

Formed less than two years ago, the group self-released an EP in early 2004 and sold nearly 4,000 copies of it while road-tripping with bands like the Letters Organize. Such sales attracted interest from CI Records, who released its full-length debut, Hot Pink, last month. Unsurprisingly, the disc conjures the era when rockers came saddled with their own larger-than-life mythologies. Take the swaggering attitude of the Stones, the primitive swing of early Beatles, the devil-may-care hooks of snotty punks, and three charismatic personalities -- Matt Friction, Jonny Bang, and Bob Ferrari, who christens himself "World's Greatest Drummer" on his MySpace profile -- and Hot Pink weaves a web of venomous rock and roll.

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