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The Saw Doctors

Friday, August 4, at Cain Park.


"It was about time we got around to writing some songs," says Davy Carton, speaking from Galway, Ireland. He's referring to the Saw Doctors' new album, The Cure, an Irish-rock affair released last year and done Bring the Family-style.

"Most of the tunes were done on one take, with not much overdubbing," says Carton. "We like doing the songs the way we're going to do them live."

Though being on tour can be a drag, Carton loves touring in the U.S. ("American venues are great shop windows") and can't wait to return to Cleveland. "You have a great Irish community there," Carton says. "Everyone in Cleveland seems to be from Mayo County! We love the food and going to K-Mart there. They have everything. Our sound man got this mountain bike and fishing rod last time. That shop was quite a bargain, but I wouldn't want to let kids in there!"

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