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The Singular

I Finally Know What's Good for Me (


I Finally Know What's Good for Me has its share of pleasantly coherent moments. The Singular doesn't have a guitarist, so it relies heavily on singer-keyboardist James Pequignot's synthesizer atmospherics. "Nobody" is a sublime slice of Fender Rhodes-driven pop-rock, showcasing Pequignot's exceptional voice while demonstrating what acts like the Fray and Coldplay could do if they possessed some talent. "Metal for Breakfast," meanwhile, is catchy techno pop.

But the disc also exudes a moody incoherence. Tracks like "Cheer Up" and "Spiders" are hazy ruminations where a lot of time elapses between vocals -- which only reinforces the disc's spaced-out vibe. The segues between songs are perfect, however, making the EP one complete experience. The Singular's knack for melodies and highfalutin concepts definitely makes it a Northeast Ohio band worth keeping an eye on.

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