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The Six Parts Seven/ The Black Keys

Split EP (Suicide Squeeze)


Going from the Six Parts Seven's affecting lull to the Black Keys' snaggletooth blues is like chasing Chianti with Wild Turkey. But despite their wildly divergent sounds, the bands are united in drawing national attention to the area's underground scene.

The Six Parts Seven turn in one of their finest moments in the 10-minute "A Blueprint of Something Never Finished," the Kent troupe's sole contribution to the disc. Opening with gentle reverb and eloquent, understated guitar, it begins with the rural beauty of Ry Cooder's Paris, Texas. Touches of piano and increasingly nimble fretwork slowly build into a grand, cinematic take on moving post-rock.

The Black Keys, meanwhile, are especially rancorous. Frontman Dan Auerbach hollers about heartbreak while letting loose with guitar that approximates the rumble of a '57 Chevy. Recorded live on Cambridge, Massachusetts' WMBR, the three-song suite is highlighted by the title cut of the Akron duo's recent Thickfreakness LP. It's a fuzzed-out foot-stomper that shakes like a drunk's hands.

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