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The Ting Tings

We Started Nothing (Columbia)


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"You gotta love the BPM," sings Katie White, one half of the bubbly British duo the Ting Tings, on the lead track of their debut album. And for the next 37 minutes, guitarist White and drummer Jules De Martino pile on beats and chewy pop hooks in a super-perky mix of indie-pop jaggedness, dance-floor rave-ups, and new-wave throwbacks. We Started Nothing's best songs come quick and early: the drum-lovin' "Great DJ," the cheerleading stomp of "That's Not My Name," and "Shut Up and Let Me Go," which was featured in a recent iPod commercial. Then it all settles into a smooth groove that can be as soulless as it is restless. White chirps, De Martino pounds, and the album coasts along a steady current of handclaps and BPMs. — Gallucci


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