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The Tyde

Three's Co. (Rough Trade)


The Tyde's third record bounces like a beach ball from song to song, between Brit-flavored power pop and paisley SoCal country rock, distilling the band's transatlantic musical obsessions into 11 cuts of sun-soaked bliss. Singer-songwriter Darren Rademaker sands down the last psychedelic remnants of his old Beachwood Sparks project, turning up the volume on the Graham Parker-meets-Beulah pop rock, leaving just enough twang to trace the Tyde's lineage.

Rapid-fire rockers "Do It Again," "Too Many Kims," "County Line," and "The Pilot" blast past on fuzzed-out guitars, Casio and Rhodes riffs, rhythms pulsing with the breezy indifference of convertible rides along the coast. The frosting on the cake is Rademaker's lyrics, delivered like a comforting vocal blend of Lloyd Cole and Ray Davies. Highlights include the country shuffle "The Lamest Shows," a meditation on growing old gracefully in rock; the bouncy blues and angelic Beach Boys harmonies of "Ltd. Appeal," which belie the withering shots aimed at trendhoppers from fashionistas to Surfers for Jesus; and the pedal-steel-accented "Aloha Breeze," in which Rademaker invites us to "come to the beach" with him for succor. If Three's Co. is the soundtrack, the answer's yes.

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