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The Volta Sound

With Anton Newcombe and the Stereo Workers Union. Friday, February 2, at the Grog Shop.


Drop the needle on any of the four albums from the Volta Sound, and bouts of acid-infused boogie will ensue. Check out these Cleveland retro-rockers live, and you're bound to get a contact high.

"Fun psychedelic rock that doesn't ask you to think about it," says singer and guitarist Michael Cormier, a versatile musician who also plays with fellow Clevelanders the Stereo Workers Union and Anton Newcombe, the main man behind the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

In fact, this commune is your best bet for classic hippie rock. Take a few righteous hits from such albums as 2002's My All American Girl and 2004's Dandelion Wine, and you'll descend into a total mind fog, swirling with stoned-drone guitars, rusty organs, chirping flutes, and spacey tambourines. According to Cormier, the music "just asks you to shake your ass or be on some kind of hallucinogenic."

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