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Barberton's the Woovs are new to the regional scene, but they're already miles ahead of the rest. Live Demo is rough around the edges, but it still paints a very clear picture: The band's sound is a blend of soul, blues, and rock, pieced together with good songwriting. The Woovs are also skilled musicians. With melodic guitars, tight basslines, and beautiful piano runs, they weave a mellow backdrop for Adam Lengyel's smoky vocals.

These three tracks vary in style, but maintain an underlying aesthetic. "Dream" recalls classic Stones (think "Wild Horses"), and "Stone Blood" sounds like Floyd playing reggae. Yes, the Wooves wear their influences on their sleeves, but they're no clones.

The highlight is "Little Green Book," a slice of piano-driven pop with a killer melody that would sound right at home on the radio. Lengyel's lyrics are especially strong on this tune, and his voice echoes Pat Monahan of Train. With a proper recording, these guys just might be opening for Monahan some day.


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