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Times New Viking

Saturday, December 30, at the Grog Shop.


There's this myth surrounding Times New Viking: After discovering the Columbus trio's lost demos, Tom Lax revived his Siltbreeze label solely for the purpose of turning the indie-rock world on to TNV's genius. That is, of course, mostly bullshit -- just like so many tall tales surrounding the legendary imprint. At the same time, there's no denying why Lax fell for the band. Back in the early to mid-'90s, Siltbreeze released discs by many of Ohio's seminal lo-fi rockers, including Guided by Voices, Jim Shepard, and Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. And just like each of these groups, TNV crafts perfect fuckin' pop, yet filters it through an anti-production sensibility, evoking images of sloppy-ass musicians recording their jams on battered boomboxes. But catchy tunes are catchy tunes, and rumors now swirl about, involving Times New Viking signing to a major label. Weirder things have happened -- Onion Records, anyone?

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