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Tiny Drink, Big Headache

Don't underestimate a mini-margarita's ability to knock you on your ass.


Mini-Margarita Monday reminds Hawk bartender Billy Thomas of sipping the orange-flavored drink under a palm tree in his native Orlando. Before serving the diminutive-but-potent cocktail (made of Grand Marnier, tequila, Triple Sec, 7-Up, and OJ), Thomas swirls the rim of an eight-ounce glass in kosher salt. “It’s like popcorn at the movies,” he says. “It makes you thirsty.” But Thomas can’t duplicate a Sunshine State landscape during a Buckeye State winter. “In Florida, we have patios everywhere,” he says. “Margaritas and patios go hand-in-hand.”
Mon., Jan. 9, 3-9 p.m.

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