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TK Webb

Phantom Parade (The Social Registry)


Contrary to popular opinion, white boys and blues entails more than just guitar studs lifting licks from B.B. King and harp-blowing hopefuls woodshedding to Sonny Boy Williamson records. When Dylan turned electric in 1965, he used blues forms as a launching pad for his highly personal poetics. Soon thereafter, Jagger and Richards followed suit, abandoning blues covers for composing songs sealed inside a blues-shaded wrapper.

Downtown New Yorker TK Webb belongs to this latter group, repeatedly driving home the point that the first business of the blues is always from-the-gut, personal expression. The Rolling Stones reference in particular counts for much on Webb's new disc, Phantom Parade. The tracks "Lesser Dude," "Which Witch," and "Sunday Night" conjure the mournful and motley moods of Sticky Fingers-era Stones. Webb's guitar and gritty band fill out this murky picture, dropping one of the year's most compelling discs.

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