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To Live Is to Die

To Live Is to Die (


One of the area's most promising young metalcore bands, To Live Is to Die steamrolls local groups with members twice as old. Already regulars at Peabody's, the four teenage engines of destruction spent the past year playing at the end of seven-band bills and showing up the bigger-name acts. Produced by Ryan Pennington and Mike Brown (Trendy, Torne), their self-titled debut is impressively tight.

The group's 1:1 metal-hardcore mix is built around the tirelessly inventive rhythm section of bassist Andy Hanna and drummer J.J. Dunnell. A John Kozera solo explodes from nowhere in "Shattered Dreams," with shredding jagged enough to take off a limb. Already convincingly menacing, singer Daryn "Nothing" Lewis will really be something, once his voice changes and he finds something to write about.

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