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Farewell My Queen

(CohenMedia Group)

Though slow-moving, this period piece about the French Revolution features excellent performances by Diane Kruger and Lea Seydoux, who respectively portray Marie Antoinette and Sidonie as they attempt to deal with the chaos of the impending revolution.

Free Energy

Love Sign

(Free People)

On its second album, this Philly act delivers a perfect set of power-pop tunes. High energy and hard rocking, the disc is tons of fun even if some songs sound like warmed-over Bob Seger.

Erin McKeown



This singer-songwriter delivers an eclectic set of tunes that draw from rock, pop, folk and R&B. If you think she’s deviated too far from her folk roots, check out the album’s second disc, which features acoustic renditions of the songs.

Yo La Tengo



This veteran indie rock act’s latest album is another set of meticulously recorded songs that alternately recall the Velvet Underground and the Feelies.

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