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Totally '80s Live

Featuring Berlin, the Motels, Asia, the Outfield, and the Fixx. Friday, June 15, at Blossom.


Okeydokey. Berlin: "Take My Breath Away." The Motels: "Only the Lonely." Asia: "Heat of the Moment." The Outfield: "Your Love." The Fixx: "One Thing Leads to Another." There you have it. Five bands, five songs. Let's say every band gets 45 minutes. Let's say each band's corresponding signature song takes up 10 minutes, what with big, blustery intros and extra choruses and what-have-you. Add 25 minutes or so between sets. That's five hours and 25 minutes of Blossom lawn grazin' to hear the five songs you actually care about. Bring yourself some knitting. Or a novel. Or a water balloon cannon. That's the rule; here's the exception: The Fixx's "One Thing Leads to Another" is not the band's best song. Oh, no. "Saved by Zero" is creepier and cooler, "Secret Separation" more joyous and infectious, and "Deeper and Deeper" hipper and more Moby-esque. Sure, any of the Fixx's new material sucks rocks, but you can say the same of Depeche Mode, and you'll pay more money to see just Depeche Mode a few weeks later. Bring your water balloon cannon to that one, too. Anyway, this here has-been (never-was?) hoedown ain't the sexiest '80s-rehash fest that could've happened (that would be INXS/Midnight Oil/Men at Work, senselessly cut down before it even had a chance), but Fixx fans, nostalgia freaks, and Top Gun obsessives can kill plenty of time here, if they must.

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